The Absolute Basics of Dog Nutrition

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Dog nutrition is no laughing matter. I mean as humans, we try to pay attention to what we eat and drink, don’t we? And for the most part, we humans are pretty conscious about what we put in our mouths knowing that the food and drink we take in will not only affect the look of our physical bodies, but also affect our health in the long run. While it’s true that not all people share the same concerns about physical appearances, it is also true that people, as much as possible, want to live a long and healthy life as much as possible.

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You Don’t Have to Look Far to Get all The Nutrition You Need for Your Dog

Discerning pet parents often come to me and ask me where and how they can get the best nutrition for their dogs. Many ask if they still need to search high and low for a special pet food that has a recipe that encapsulates pretty much everything that a dog needs and serves it up in one yummy kibble platter.

Some ask if it’s better to just get a cheap variant of kibble and just supplement their dog’s diet and nutrition with some vitamins and minerals in the form of multivitamins or supplementary dog food.

eating-dogFact is you don’t have to worry so much about what your dog eats…you don’t have to look for a special recipe, or a special multivitamin, or a special supplement.All you need to worry about is that your dog gets a balanced meal every day (how many meals in a day depends on their size, breed, and current weight).

That’s really all you need. Sometimes you may choose to supplement, just to make sure that all your bases are covered.

But to put it simply, good nutrition starts with good dog food.

How do you choose a good kind/recipe/brand of dog food, you may ask? Well… it’s really not all that complicated.

Have a look at this guide below which should help you make the best decision next time you go kibble shopping.

Consider Your Pet’s Food Sensitivities

Before you even buy something look at the recipe. Is your dog sensitive to chicken? Grain? Lamb?


Avoid all recipes that have ingredients that irritate your dog’s belly or bring up allergic reactions that surely can make them uncomfortable.

Flip The Package Over


Sometimes, and I’ll admit that I used to be one of the people that did this, when you go shopping for something all you look at and compare are the prices, and then you chuck the cheapest in the cart.

I learned to stop doing that when my dogs wouldn’t touch any of the kibble I’ve bought them. This time I’ve learned to flip the packages around and read the nutritional information, which tells me the nutrients that are available in the recipe and basically what my dog will be getting with every meal.

By doing this I am also able to look at the ingredients list. This allows me to ensure that I can…

Check for Fillers
Because our dogs will be getting most if not all their nutrition through the kibble we give them, it is absolutely necessary that we ensure that they only get the best ingredients that will provide them with vitamins and minerals as well as protein, essential fats and carbs that will keep their systems running optimally.

This is why we do our best to avoid fillers, which are ingredients that are added to the recipe to ‘bulk’ it up. These ingredients have little to no nutritional value whatsoever and are meaningless in a recipe except to fool a consumer into thinking he/she is buying more and good value.

Watch out for a future post on fillers!

You can also watch this video on how to pick the best nutritional meal for your dog:

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